Parrot learning spell

Actor, musician

Personal Info

  • عدد الحلقات 29 حلقة
  • لغة العمل العربية
  • نوع العمل تربوي –تعليمي- ترفيهي
  • دة الحلقة 10 دقيقة
  • تقنية التنفيذ 2D


Our hero in this work is a parrot his name is (pagh pagh), when pagh pagh mother start to teach his son the deference between the Arabic language and the other languages, with the dictionary help, pagh pagh travel via the dictionary to the letters world and he learn what the meaning of each letter, and what the descent and important of Arabic language.

So our work designed in 2D animation in entertainment and educational style.

It is summarize the History of Arabic letters, The series produce the letter in many nice characters each one teach pagh pagh the origin of the letter and how to pronounce it in educational and interesting way,

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