Kareem adventure


Personal Info

  • عدد الحلقات 13 حلقة
  • لغة العمل العربية
  • نوع الع توجيهي–تربوي- ترفيهي
  • مدة الحلق 10 دقيق
  • تقنية التنفي 3D


Kareem is produced for teenagers till 15 years, and our series family is as follow ( Kareem – his Father – his Mother – His Sister , and his Friend ) they are an animated characters produced as a 3dimantion, the series always focus on Kareem who introduce and advance in ethical and educational way like (Prayer- help other older persons – Cleanliness – Water resaved – Animals Caring – Inform Benefits – To keep parents – Trust – Teeth Cleaning – ……), also we wants to clarify that’s the series is without characters voice it’s just depends on the Musical and vocal effects in comedian and entertainment way. So we mention at the last of each eps a message as a confirmation of our Idea.

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