Seif brave Youngman

Personal Info

  • عدد الحلقات 30 حلقة
  • مدة الحلقة 16 دقيق
  • نوع العمل مغامرات - ترفيهي
  • تقنية التنفيذ 2D


Seef is shy and hesitant man, he is working in Journal as painter, only draw small sketches and always wait a good chance to be more important in his work, when his manager ordered him to draw the cover story. on this occasion he buy a new pen to draw the cover, and when he start draw he was surprised when the pen still draw alone the hero character and this character is similar to Seef character, the pen start to draw location and Seef follow it.

When Seef draw the last line, saw the pen go to the story actions then Seef follow it to see himself the story brave hero, throw the story Seef see how this pen could do every thing and change into several things, fight wickers, support wronged in comedian and adventure style.

Then Seef turn back and finish the story but every time he couldn’t deliver the job to his Manager.

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