The film talking about the fetus life period in his mother womb, during this limit life of fetus you will sea a strange sketches because our view will be in a strange city and there citizens, one day and at first time in this city something strange happen it’s meteor fall down and stay in the specific part of this city.

The other organs of body like (stomach – liver – heart – mined ….. ) all of them including other organs playing the citizens of this city they will be the actors as follow (grocer – backer – governor).

The backer is the first person who met the strange meteor then he toke it to the museum, there in the museum something movement in the meteor suddenly this meteor It’s like a human eggs, the backer come back and return the strange body (Meteor) to his store to take care of it.

Then the strange creation came from the egg, he seems a strange human to other and horrible for them also, it’s the first time they met something like that.

Somebody like a virus (gang mayor) living in a big palace in the city, he took the opportunity for this strange human who came suddenly to this city, and he tried to make him joined to his group (gang) to tear down the city, at the begging the strange human agree to cooperate this virus but at the end he remember in the nice people who feed and support him to grow like the backer and grocer, but at the end he tear down the virus palace then the citizens met the strange human in lovely way and they made a party to celebrate him, at the same time he felt that’s he has his correct place.

During this party some thing strange happen a rays come from the sky to pull the human up and the people try to pull him to stay with them but no way the human still rise up to go throw dark tunnel at the end of this tunnel we will see a doctor who upside the camera, and a nice baby (who was the strange human).

This story told about baby life in his mother body to come later to this life to continue his trip.

Genre: promotion film to sharing in international festivals and contests.

Characters: (Film hero – backer – governor – grocer – restaurants owner – police man – virus (gang mayor) – gang members). Including minors characters between (6-15) characters.